2014 Favorites

Hello people! I’ve had a spotty time running this blog for the past year and a half it’s been active, which is partially my horribleness at blogging and partially the very hectic family/school life I have. However, I am determined to start this all up again. And with that, I want to start with a 2014 Blog Roll of my favorite blogs to read and/or my favorite people (names link to their Twitter!)

Sidenote: These aren’t in any particular order.

Wendy Sparrow and her blog on her website (though her old bog, Where Ladybugs Roar is great too!). She’s a great person worth talking to about everything under the sun.

Allison Mulder, one of my closest friends and my critique partner. Her blog lies here, and she considers herself not the most reliable blogger either, although she’s much better than I am. Her recent posts talk a lot about drafting and taking critical approaches to books and media. She’s an amazing writer and friend and will flail in excitement with you about everything exciting.

Natalie Murphy over at The Sound of Rain, who was pretty much my introduction to the twitter/blogger area of the writing world. Without her, I wouldn’t have started my first blog or met so many wonderful people in the online writing community.

Tawna Fenske. She’s hilarious and brilliant. I’m sad if you don’t already know who she is.

Carolina Valdez Miller is a very, very sweet writer and person and has written some fantastic posts on her website.

Erica Chapman is one of my favorite people! She meets me for coffee dates and we talk books and publishing and also occasionally go to concerts together. She’s like my older sister who’s on the same journey, as well as a brilliant blogger and writer overall. Plus her website is wicked.

Brenda Drake is probably someone you already know, because she’s infamous in the blogosphere for contests, PitchMadness/PitchWars, etc. She is also one of the sweetest people on this planet!

Angi Nicole Black is hilarious and fun and loves llamas, which means you shoulder lover her too. She also runs a freelance editing service and her blog, Tall Thoughts From a Short Girl.

Tonya Kuper is adorable and super nice and has her first book coming out this fall. I love her and all her contributions to the blog All The Write Notes (Erica and Angi also write here!).

Check ’em out!


Blog Roll

A list of some of my favorite blogs and people. For my future reference, or for your discovery!

Wendy Sparrow! Her blog is entitled ‘Where Ladybuygs Roar,’ where she blogs about pretty much everything from her fantastic self to great books, her writing, and her children. 

Natalie Murphy at ‘The Sound of Rain.’ This lovely gal was basically my introduction to the blogging world and online writing community. She’s fantastic.

Laina – my wonderful best friend and critique partner. This is her book review blog, where she may also have a ton of great blogs relating to music. 

Tawna Fenske is honestly just one of the most hilarious people ever. 

Carolina Valdez Miller is just so sweet and amazing and I’m pretty sure you already know who she is.

Erica Chapman is one of my favorite people. She’s kind of taken me under her wing and taught me so much. She can probably teach you something new, or just give you a laugh, too.

Brenda Drake! You probably know her, too, as she is always running contests and giveaways and is basically one of the sweetest people on this planet.

These are just a few of my favorite blogs. I follow many more, trust me. If you’d like a nudge at some more or have any recommendations for me, comment!

100 Things About Me

(note: transferred from old blog)

Well, a friend of mine did this on Facebook. So I did it too, and decided I would share it here. Because, well, this is my blog. It’s about me – so why not have tons of useless information about me on it?! And because it was a challenge, and I like to share challenges with you (I hope you read through this and find me interesting, and this isn’t boring and stupid).

And if you like challenges, you should try this.

Without further introduction, 100 Things About Me:
1. I’m wearing a Chicago Bears jersey. Julius Peppers.

2. I started ballet when I was 3 years old.

3. I can keep my hair in a bun without any pins.

4. My back is hopelessly messed up.

5. I used to be obsessed with lemons. Absolutely obsessed.

6. I love hot apple cider, but not cold cider.

7. I love the smell of freshly sliced apples.

8. As soon as I get home I change into sweat pants.

9. My absolute favorite band in the world is Anberlin.

10. I moved into my current house in September 2010. It’s May 2013 and I’m not fully unpacked.


12. Baby harp seals are some of the cutest animals in the world.

14. When I was younger, I was attached by the hip with a medical book. I would try diagnosing people, and I was convinced that I had A LOT of diseases. I still do this, but not on that scale of obsession.

15. I have never, not once, considered dying my hair.

16. I can’t throw away calendars. I have to keep them after the year is over.

17. I like knowing absolutely useless, but interesting, facts.

18. Jeopardy is like crack to me. I have a dream to someday be a contestant.

19. I have never, and will never, try illicit drugs.

20. My birthday is March 20th.

21. I have lived in 4 different houses, a temporary beach house, and 1 apartment.

22. My favorite subject is psychology. But I’m an English major.

23. I love drawing/painting umbrellas and clocks.

24. I have a 21-year-old brother named Richard.

25. I have been to 5 proms.

26. I absolutely, truly, truly love the ocean. And boats.

27. The best Thanksgivings are always on the 27th of November.

28. My favorite football team is the Chicago Bears. See number one.

29. I never had a boyfriend in high school.

30. I don’t want kids. But, I really want to be an aunt, and I want to spoil my brother’s children.

31. I have shrunk since 7th grade.

32. If a movie entertains me in the slightest, I’ll watch it. I frankly don’t care if it’s cinematic genius or incredibly awful to critics. I’ll watch it. Easily entertained I am.

33. For some unexplainable reason, I hate the number 3.

34. I prefer notebooks to loose leaf paper.

35. I love to drive.

36. Speaking of driving, I am the most calm and peaceful when I’m driving alone in a car, listening to my favorite music.

37. I was born in Kalamazoo.

38. I love to bake.

39. I LOVE vintage clothing.

40. I overuse smileys :D.

41. The first books I absolutely fell in love with were the Little House on the Prairie books in 2nd grade.

42. I always confused 6×7 when I was little. It equals 42.

43. I was one of the worst people at taking timed tests in grade school.

44. Rainbows make me legitimately happy.

45. All of the cats in my family have been named after the King Arthur legends.

46. The first book I ever wrote I began in San Diego, California, when I was 6. It was about a blue snake named “Icee”. It was close to 20 chapters long and was also illustrated by me. I still have it.

47. Kramer is my favorite character on Seinfeld.

48. I hold the fastest record for winning a Solitaire game in my family.

49. I love French. But I fail miserably at speaking it.

50. I am halfway through this. Bored yet?

51. I love Irish accents.

52. My brother says I listen to hipster music. I disagree.

53. I’m saving the best random things about myself for the end, so you should keep reading.

54. I did a really awesome presentation on Peru in 6th grade.

55. In 4th grade I was put into the highest level reading class.

56. The left side of my body is larger than the right.

57. I don’t think marriage is essential for two people in love to stay together for the rest of their life.

58. I love traditional Indian clothing.

59. In 2011 I counted how many people compliment my hair. It was over 300.

60. I’ve never had a traumatic experience with flying/at an airport.

61. I’m extremely sensitive to people who make fun of me and are unnecessarily rude. But, I have a really thick skin when it comes to constructive criticism. I strive on honest and constructive criticism. Which may come from years of corrections in ballet, and the mentality that they will only make me better.


63. I had three laptops in 2010. Computers hate me.

64. Leonid Afremov’s paintings make me swoon.

65. I’m an artsy-fartsy person.

66. My average typing speed is about 80 WPM.

67. I’m afraid of heights. More specifically, I’m afraid of descending from heights. I can climb up something alright, but I freak out when I have to get down.

68. I get dizzy a lot.

69. I’ve already completed my degree in advanced procrastination.

70. I love pouring rain. Sprinkles I hate. But a full on down pour is awesome.

71. I happen to say awesome sauce/awkward sauce a lot.

72. I love to wear scarfs, headbands, and rings. All of those are KT trademarks.

73. My friend Mitch is the creator of my nickname ‘KT.’

74. I am nothing without writing.

75. My favorite kind of people are writers.

76. My brain and math do not get along.

78. 7th grade was the best year of my life, but I would never ask to be in middle school again.

79. I really should be revising my book right now. This may never not be true.

80. I have a legitimate fear that people secretly hate me, and all my friends are just pretending to be my friends. I’m scared that as soon as I’m not around, people talk about how dumb, stupid, etc, I am.

81. I have kept, save one pair, every single pair of pointe shoes I’ve had/danced in.

82. I used to be deathly afraid of crickets. This has thankfully worn off.

83. I think every girl who is insecure about anything about themselves needs to listen to the song ‘Annie’ by Safetysuit. It’s incredibly sweet.

84. I wear gray and black the most. I hate wearing brighter colors.

85. My 2nd grade teacher’s husband was the original artist of Tony the Tiger.

86. When I was little I thought that every time you put a movie in, all the actors had to get dressed up and perform it just for your TV. I was extremely perplexed as to what would happen if two people wanted to watch the same movie at the same time in different places.

87. My favorite ice cream flavor is Moose Tracks. Especially from Plainwell Ice Cream.

88. I hate showing people my artwork, unless I find it acceptable enough to show.

89. 89 is my other favorite number.

90. The month/word ‘June’ bugs me for some reason.

91. I have tried to switch to contacts 3 times, and I cannot do it.

92. I drink too much soda.

93. I’ve spent every single New Years with my parents.

94. My favorite gemstone is ruby.

95. I accidentally deleted this number and had to rewrite it.

96. I don’t get stage-fright. I just feel utterly excited to perform.

97. I don’t belong to any religion, but I find studying religions fascinating.

98. I love hugs!

99. My favorite flavoring to put in coffee is caramel.

100. My absolute favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride. I don’t think anything will ever live up to it. At least, for me.

An Interview With My iPhone

(note: transferred from old blog)

Hey, so if you follow me over on Twitter, you’ve probably read that my iPhone was cracked several days ago. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my OLD iPhone was cracked, aaand my iPad was recently cracked.So. You probably all think that I’m just freaking awful with technology, eh? Well. I’m not THAT bad. Seriously. I mean, with this most recent case, it was a friend who dropped my phone… I plead INNOCENT.Anyways, I thought you guys should get to know my iPhone a little bit better. Because I know he hoards dark secrets. Especially since his name is Darth Vader… (the things in brackets are my comments on what he says, just so you know)

KT: So, Darth Vader is your name, right?
DV: That is correct.

KT: How did you get that name? I mean, it’s obviously not original… it’s from STAR WARS.
DV: You gave it to me.

KT: Right… I knew that. I’m going to take a second away from this interview to –.

KT: *ignores* To just say that you should never name your iPhone Darth Vader. It’ll grow up to be evil. Trust me.
DV: How rude. It’s not like evil is a bad thing.

KT: *glares* Yeah, sure. Anyways, back to the interview. What are some hobbies and interests of yours?
DV: I thoroughly enjoy autocorrecting words. Proper spelling is important. I also enjoy writing poetry. Especially to Laina. I don’t particularly like wearing clothes [cases, he means], especially when you give me PINK ones. I like to keep your fingerprints all over my screen [that sounds incredibly dirty, Vader]. I like to vibrate [you’re getting even more dirty. Stop that] Hm. I also think it’s incredibly fun to bungee jump without a cord. Dive-bombing things, you know? But my favorite thing to do is live up to my name. I like to be evil and make you angry. Like how I fail to let my alarm go off, and how I hurt other objects of yours, and how sometimes I die suddenly.

KT: Aren’t you sweet?
DV: Sweet as molasses.

KT: Do you have a heart? Any emotions? You are a phone after all…
DV: Of course I do. I get lonely sometimes, and sad. And I seem to get jealous a lot.

KT: Jealous? Tell us more about that.
DV: Do I have to?

KT: Yes.
DV: Fine. Well, there was Max, of course [Max is my iPad]. You went and got him and started paying no attention to me. You went on twitter on HIM, you played your music on HIM, you sent your emails on HIM. You’re supposed to pay attention to your prized possessions EQUALLY.

KT: Is that why you jumped off a shelf, landing on Max, thus breaking him?
DV: Exactly.

KT: That’s not the best way to make me like you.
DV: Well, it worked. You pretty much only use me now.

KT: Tell us another time you got jealous.
DV: Friday, of course. You kept handing me off to your “friends” so they could play with me. And then you were holding OTHER people’s phones. I’M yours. How dare you just hand me off like that.

KT: Is that why you jumped out of my friend’s hand and on to the cement, thus breaking yourself?
DV: Exactly.

KT: I’m beginning to think you’re suicidal.
DV: Of course I’m not. I just want you to know that I love you.

KT: By… purposely injuring yourself? Almost killing yourself? This is turning into a Shakespeare tragedy.
DV: Maybe you should have named me Romeo…. and you could be Juliet. I told you I liked writing poetry.

KT: I’m not in love with you. You’re an iPhone.
DV: Ouch.

KT: Whatever… tell us some of your favorite music.
DV: The same music you listen to. Since it’s all I listen to. I can PLAY it, for crying out loud.

KT: Alright, let’s wind this up. Have any last words for the viewers? Advice? Ways to jump into cement without hurting yourself?
DV: Wear protective gear. Like I didn’t.

Alright. That was my cynical, jealous-feeling, poetry-writing iPhone for you. I hope you liked him as much as I do.